Guinea Pig - 1/0: Welcome to our experiment.

Guinea Pig - 1/0: Welcome to our experiment.

What we absolutely didn't want to do was produce the standard self-aggrandizing marketing booklets that pass for brand magazines from watch companies. We won't be extolling the virtues of the world's most scratch resistant watch hands or the self-centering watch dial. So this "zine" isn't about watches but we hope it will represent an extension of the same ethos we bring to our watches. We aim to bring you fresh perspectives on things you think you already know and help each other develop a value for diverse viewpoints.

Over the years of building Mk II I have seen a number of my bedrock assumptions about the world, acquired through what most would consider a first-rate (i.e. expensive) education, tested and on more than one occasion completely reshaped by the results for the better. We are here to advocate for the value of the experience and experiment to broaden our perspectives, stretch our collective imaginations, and test our assumptions, knowledge and personal limits to see where it takes us. The one thing that all pioneers, large or small, have in common is that they saw things from a different perspective and were willing to test their theories in practice. Whether they were legendary teachers, the founder of the SAS, or world renowned architects their unique viewpoints broadened our conception of what is possible. We hope to inspire you to embrace what makes you unique, your intuition, and your imagination to see where it can take you. 



Meet our mascot and call to action "Red", a tribute to the red boar hog that was raised from birth unwittingly to be a human analog "guinea pig" to test the U.S. military's Fulton Skyhook system. (Think James Bond and Domino Derval at the conclusion of Thunderball.) The tests were successful and the red hog survived but not without getting some of its own. The red hog, while in mid-extraction, defecated on a group of visiting generals, admirals, senators, congressman and civilian dignitaries in protest. Why the "1/0" you may ask? Back in Vietnam the cross border recon team leads were referred to as the One-Zero. In the early days of SOG the team leads weren't much more experienced than their teams with everyone operating at the edge of their training, much like anyone that has spent their lives chasing an ideal or willing to push their understanding. So in our view the name and logo embodies the idea that life is going to happen to you so you can submit to let it hit you in the face or you can seize the initiative and embrace the experiment. Red is standing tall and ready.


Embracing the experiment: Issue #1, Adaptation

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