We are thankful for everyone's continued support and patronage. Due to high demand for our timepieces we open ordering only periodically. This helps us maximize our production while enabling us to focus on delivering the high quality that our customers have come to expect. At the same time we are progressively increasing our production capacity.

Accessories and other goods are available for purchase as long as we have inventory. Those items are, generally speaking, continuously available. 

Through our Newsletter we provide the date and time when ordering reopens as well as more general updates on stock status. Newsletter subscribers are provided approximately 24 hours advanced notice of restocks.

When the items are restocked on the site then the back-in-stock notifications will be sent. If an item is in high demand there are times when we won't send the back-in-stock notifications because those items will often sell out faster than the back-in-stock notifications can be sent by the automated system. 

Please review our Communications Policy to see what is the best fit for you.

Generally speaking ordering opens approximately every 4-6 weeks

Approximate lead times are listed on the product pages. Estimated ship dates are emailed and updated in the My Account section of the web site about one week after orders are placed or as noted in the email announcement related to the item you ordered.

All orders are shipped with tracking. The system will automatically email you the tracking number when the label has been created.

The short answer is "maybe". Some of the projects were limited editions like Kingston and the Project GMT. Other projects we are looking to revise before manufacturing again.

Watch FAQ's:

It depends on how you use your watch. If the watch has been used for diving you will need to rinse the watch in fresh water thoroughly. If you simply have a dirty watch from normal wear you can periodically clean your watch with mild soap and water to remove dirt and grime. If your watch has a bracelet we recommend periodically having the bracelet ultrasonically cleaned to maximize its service life.

Only if your watch's power reserve is depleted. When you set the watch you will need to wind the watch with the crown approximately 30-50 turns, then hack, set and wear. As long as you are wearing the watch and are reasonably active the automatic winding mechanism will maintain the power reserve at the optimal level. When worn daily it is not necessary nor advisable to wind the watch manually in order to "top off" the power reserve. Doing so can unnecessarily decrease the time between service intervals. 

The rule of thumb is every 3-5 years, depending on how often the watch is worn, or when you experience a degradation in time keeping or reliability. 

A watch is designed to be shock resistant to a point, but there is no such thing as a shockproof watch. It is useful to note that shock resistance requirements are usually defined by the parameters A) does it still run and B) the acceptable range for loss of accuracy. These tests are also conducted under very specific conditions. 

That having been said, mechanical watches are favored by the military and explorers over their quartz counterparts and have been a part of their equipment since the wristwatch was invented over 100 years ago. So the takeaway is yes a mechanical watch is up to the task but like any other piece of gear there are limits and the more you put it through the shorter the intervals between services. 

 If you require the replacement of worn parts please fill out a service request and we can replace them at our service center<https://www.mkiiwatches.com/service-request>. If you prefer to use a local service provider we sell parts on an exact exchange basis to qualified watchmakers, who can contact us on your behalf regarding availability and the exchange procedure. (Note: If you have to ask us how to install a part we highly recommend consulting a professional watchmaker.)

Unfortunately we no longer offer this service.