Mk II Paradive Type XIII Night Vision

Paradive Type XIII

A tribute....

The Story ...

How was the party?

Got lucky this time. Uneventful. I even brought back all your equipment.

1, MOD RN dive knife, 1 GEC flashlight, Man this stuff weighs a ton. How old is some of this stuff? 70s? 50s?!?!? I thought you guys got all the top shelf stuff.

Mk II Paradive Type XIII

I think the Americans call it "plausible deniability". Par for the course for those guys from SOG "crossing the fence" with WW2 vintage Swedish Ks and Grease Guns. Or the Commandos storming St. Nazaire in gasoline powered wooden boats. Not ideal but you make it work. And we got away clean this time.

Paradive Gen 3, Type XIII date, Dive Al inlay

1 wrist French compass, 1 Mk II dive watch. I know Mk II but I have never seen this model before? Looks like a grab bag of parts.

That's the only piece of kit I'd like to see again. I guess that was the idea. Mk II used to make parts like that and we needed something that if we lost it it wouldn't be easy to trace back to us. Frankenwatching I think collectors' call it. The watchmakers were at least sympathetic this time. Those hands glow like a torch, which was a nice change of pace. The last time I sent my watch in it came back with these weird silver scrawny pencil shaped hands. But this mash up looks fantastic. Happy accidents.

Looks like the watch came directly from Mk II. It must be new and if you have a minute they want you to fill out this card for feedback.”

Ah that makes more sense than the repair dept overcoming their pragmatism.
"Watch performed well! The 2 options of a dive or 12-hr gmt bezel most welcome. Arclite lume strong and charges quickly. Case back and asymmetrical case shape exceptionally comfortable. Dial has excellent legibility breaks up the dial into intuitive quadrants. Hands naturally draw eye to the sweep and minute hand, ideal for our work. Subdued hour hand still maintains good balance and lume strength. Date function is nice to have but not critical. Power reserve was excellent."

Thanks. I'll pass it along. Those guys always enjoy good feedback. Well get cleaned up and rest up.

Postscript: The Mk II Paradive Type XIII is designed as a tribute to those that imbue tool watches with their alure and meaning. Without their dedication to the mission, ingenuity, and skill even the best designed tools are just objects. More often than not those individuals, confronting the unknown, do the most astounding things with the minimum viable tools.

Type XIII, 12-hr Bezel

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Type XIII, Dive Bezel

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