Concept: Cruxible Hellion

What is our definition of a 2nd: This means that the watch has minor imperfections such as scratch(es) or scuffs resulting from handling during the manufacturing process. These AGLs are brand new and unworn. The minor finish imperfections are analogous to wear one might accumulate from 1-2 weeks of use. The functionality of the watch will be consistent with 1st quality watches.  As usual the 2nd quality watches will carry our standard warranty.

In 1944, the Hellion was the name of one of many experimental weapons systems designed to clear beaches at arm's length ahead of the amphibious landings. In the end, the weapons systems proved ineffective, but the name Hellion came to describe the spirit of the pilots who flew missions over the Pacific and the people that built the foundation of the UDT/SEALs. Pilots such as John Glenn of the VMF-218 “Hellions”. The kind of people who threw themselves at a heavily defended beach dressed as if on a snorkeling holiday with the subtle addition of towing 40 lbs of explosives. The kind of person that hands a hotel manager today’s equivalent of $50,000 in back pay towards a V-J Day party for his teammates and asks only to be notified once the tab ran out; ending the party...12 days later it turns out.

It’s from this tradition we drew the name for the second variant of the Mk II Cruxible, the Cruxible-Hellion. Starting with the specifications laid out by the US Navy air arm and combat swimmers, the Mk II Cruxible-Hellion would have exceeded either set of requirements. Based on the legendary Elgin canteen watch developed for the UDT during the war the Mk II Cruxible-Hellion is 10x more water resistant (100 meters) and features SuperLumiNova BGW9 on the hands and dial, screw down crown, and solid stainless steel (316L) 39 mm case. The Mk II Cruxible-Hellion is available in date and non-date configurations.