Concept: Cruxible A-11

Regarded by many as the watch that won the the war, we wanted to elevate the A-11 specification to its rightful place alongside designs like the B-Uhr, Marina Militare, and the British A.T.P. and WWW watches and within the American consciousness. More than that we believe that the A-11 design should be a part of our national identity. The design is pedestrian, non-elitist, and speaks to our nation as one of a people defined by our efforts and loyalties. Our sincerest goal is to give this design the refinement that it deserves; stripping away the compromises of wartime production.

Revitalizing this icon while elevating its design was no small task and perhaps the reason why this watch has been neglected for so long. It isn’t a simple matter of re-sizing or modernizing the design. Our version is the result of 6 years of design work and dozens of iterations. In the end Cruxible is the clearest expression of our design ethos. More than any model previously the similarities are thematic and the final design is what we believe that this design should have been had we had the luxury of investing more resources into our timepieces during World War II.

Modernized to a diameter of 39 mm the case houses an automatic versus a manual wind movement. The automatic movement enabled us to employ a screw down crown; achieving a water resistance of 100 meters with the assistance of modern TeflonTM(1) gaskets. Surprisingly Cruxible is 10x more water resistant than the watch issued to the UDT during the war. Available in date and non-date versions, the final touch was the addition of SuperLumiNova to the dial and hands to improve their functionality all the while maintaining the aesthetic of the non-luminous reference design.