Concept: Hawkinge

The watch design that represents British aviation best. Issued to British military, Commonwealth and BOAC pilots from 1948 - 1980s, the Mk 11 design is in one word “perfect”. It is utilitarian, yet elegant and confident, while humble. The most sought after references of this design were manufactured by JLC1 and IWC1. In 2005 we introduced our first version of this watch, the QUAD10, which was also the first Mk II branded watch. This version of the watch, the Hawkinge, represents a refinement of the original QUAD10 concept. The Hawkinge is more wearable at 38x48 mm versus the QUAD10’s 40x51 mm, features Super LumiNova BGW9, is lighter and thanks to a Delrin® movement ring is more shock resistant. The styling has been updated to subtly blend elements of the JLC1 and IWC1 versions of the Mk 11 together. Finally we added our trademark Circle-Y to the dial in place of the venerable Circle-T.

1) Reference to these companies and their trademarks is used purely for historical reference and informational purposes. Mk II is not affiliated in any way with this company.