Concept: Kerchief

We were honored and excited when Cantonment reached out to us last year to see if we would be interested in working on their first collaboration with an outside company for their upcoming collection. Working with them these last few months we were impressed with the level of ingenuity and attention to detail they bring to their products. At first glance this may seem like just another bandana but this is crafted from high quality materials in a perfect size between a bandana and traditional handkerchief. Their innovative Woogle-Toggle™ button system is what truly sets this apart, allowing the Kerchief to be stored and utilized in a variety of configurations.

 Given free reign to develop the graphics we zeroed in on two watch themes that are near and dear to us the Tornek-Rayville and the venerated Broad Arrow. The Tornek-Rayville themed Kerchief features the U.S. military’s technical drawings for the celebrated watch. The Broad Arrow themed Kerchief highlights the most notable forms of the Broad Arrow that have been used on British military watches including the holy grail of them all, the Broad Arrow found on the Rolex ref. 5517. To us the technical drawing and Broad Arrow perfectly reflect the idea of work, purpose, and adventure that the Kerchief embodies.

Each set includes one each of the Tornek-Rayville and Broad Arrow themed Kerchiefs and one nylon Woggle strap. Made of soft, yet durable 100% cotton with merrowed edges the Cantonment Kerchief will look and feel better with each wash.